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Family of Frank HOWES and Beatrice Ada HAWKINS

Husband: Frank HOWES (1882-1964)
Wife: Beatrice Ada HAWKINS (1882- )
Children: Eileen Edna May HOWES (1910- )
Lilian Ruth HOWES (1911-1983)
Stanley F HOWES (1914- )

Husband: Frank HOWES

Name: Frank HOWES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1882
Death 1964 (age 81-82)

Wife: Beatrice Ada HAWKINS


Beatrice Ada HAWKINS

Name: Beatrice Ada HAWKINS
Sex: Female
Father: Edward HAWKINS (1862-1937)
Mother: Emma Ann Hughes PARBURY ( - )
Birth 1882

Child 1: Eileen Edna May HOWES

Name: Eileen Edna May HOWES
Sex: Unknown
Birth 1910

Child 2: Lilian Ruth HOWES


Lilian Ruth HOWES

Name: Lilian Ruth HOWES
Sex: Female
Birth 1911
Death 1983 (age 71-72)

Child 3: Stanley F HOWES

Name: Stanley F HOWES
Sex: Male
Birth 1914