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Family of Frederick Ernest TUCKER and Jane Amelia GIBSON

Husband: Frederick Ernest TUCKER (1904-1983)
Wife: Jane Amelia GIBSON (1904-1931)
Children: Ernest Alfred TUCKER (1931-1954)
Olive Amelia TUCKER (1931- )
Marriage Dec 1927 Poplar

Husband: Frederick Ernest TUCKER

Name: Frederick Ernest TUCKER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1904
Death 1983 (age 78-79)

Wife: Jane Amelia GIBSON

Name: Jane Amelia GIBSON
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred Edward GIBSON (1882-1962)
Mother: Jane Amelia MCGEE (1884-1944)
Birth Dec 1904
Death 26 Dec 1931 (age 26-27)

Child 1: Ernest Alfred TUCKER


Ernest Alfred TUCKER

Name: Ernest Alfred TUCKER
Sex: Male
Birth 26 Dec 1931 Stepney
Death 1954 (age 22-23)

Child 2: Olive Amelia TUCKER

Name: Olive Amelia TUCKER
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Dec 1931

Note on Wife: Jane Amelia GIBSON

Died in childbirth