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Family of Henry M BLACKBURN and Sarah Mary Ann GANDER

Husband: Henry M BLACKBURN (1833-1910)
Wife: Sarah Mary Ann GANDER ( - )
Marriage 21 Feb 1854 Bethnal Green

Husband: Henry M BLACKBURN

Sex: Male
Father: John Thompson BLACKBURN (1811-1860)
Mother: Ann Martha PEARCE (1811-1847)
Birth 1833
Birth 1832 West Hackney/Bethnal Green1
Baptism 30 Sep 1832 (age -2--1 (!)) Shoreditch1
Death Apr 1910 (age 76-77) Hackney1
Occupation upholsterer?1

Wife: Sarah Mary Ann GANDER

Name: Sarah Mary Ann GANDER2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Henry M BLACKBURN

1851 - with Pierce grandparents in Bethnal Green

1861 - carman born Hackney Road

Henry Josh Blackburn 29

Sarah Ann Blackburn 28

Henry Edward Blackburn 6

Sarah Ann Blackburn 4

Charles Joseph Blackburn 1

George Hoat 201


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