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Family of David Jeremy ADAMS and Marilyn Anne SUTTON

Husband: David Jeremy ADAMS (1946- )
Wife: Marilyn Anne SUTTON (1953- )
Children: Christopher James Sutton ADAMS (1979- )
Peter David ADAMS (1981- )

Husband: David Jeremy ADAMS


David Jeremy ADAMS

Name: David Jeremy ADAMS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 30 Jul 1946 Brixham, Devon

Wife: Marilyn Anne SUTTON


Marilyn Anne SUTTON

Name: Marilyn Anne SUTTON
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred Benjamin SUTTON (1920-2001)
Mother: Lily GIBSON (1920-2007)
Birth 4 Jan 1953 West Ham,London

Child 1: Christopher James Sutton ADAMS


Christopher James Sutton ADAMS


Spouse: Laura Jane MILLETT, 2011, age 30

Name: Christopher James Sutton ADAMS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Laura Jane MILLETT (1981- )
Birth 6 Jul 1979 Pembury, Kent

Child 2: Peter David ADAMS


Peter David ADAMS


Spouse: Lauren Ellen FITCH, 2011, age 24

Name: Peter David ADAMS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lauren Ellen FITCH (1987- )
Birth 1 May 1981 Pembury, Kent