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Family of Samuel (George) WHETTER and Eliza READ

Husband: Samuel (George) WHETTER (1820?- )
Wife: Eliza READ (1827- )
Children: Eliza WHETTER (1845-1925)
Samuel George WHETTER (1847- )
Marriage 15 Jul 1844 St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon
Both of West Whitley - he signs - she marks

Husband: Samuel (George) WHETTER

Name: Samuel (George) WHETTER
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel WHETTER ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1820 (app)1
St Stephen in Brannel, in Cornwall have lots of "Whetter"s
Occupation "Sea Captain"

Wife: Eliza READ

Name: Eliza READ
Sex: Female
Father: Henry READ ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth (1799- )
Birth 1827 Plymouth/Egg Buckland
Death after 1891 1898 Fulham? 1897 Wandsworth?

Child 1: Eliza WHETTER


Eliza WHETTER, 1862, age 17


Spouse: John George TIERNEY

Name: Eliza WHETTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: John George TIERNEY (1839- )
Birth 6 Apr 1845 (Egg) Buckland, Devon/Stepney
Name: Eliza Whetter
Record Type: Baptism
Baptism Date: 27 Apr 1845
Father's Name: Samuel Whetter
Mother's Name: Eliza Whetter
Parish or Poor Law Union: Shadwell, St Paul
Borough: Tower Hamlets
Register Type: Parish Registers
Baptism 27 Apr 1845 (age 0) Shadwell, St Paul
dad a mariner
Death 31 Jul 1925 (age 80) Westboune Park, Paddington
Occupation Worked In Family Cigar Shop In West End

Child 2: Samuel George WHETTER

Name: Samuel George WHETTER
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1847 Stepney

Note on Wife: Eliza READ

1841 - "Eliza Reed" in Egg Buckland - servant

Whetter William Thomas Poplar 2 334 Scan available - click to view

Whetter Louisa Strand 1 424


Samuel Green 34Eliza Green 36Eliza Whitter 16Selena Green 8Samuel Green 6

1881 - in Wormley, Herts

Eliza Green 58Selina Green 28Samuel Thos. Green 26


1891 (born Taunton!!) in Willesden

J W Parriss 38Selina Parriss 38

Mabel Westwood 7Hilda Parriss 5

John Parriss 3Eliza Green 68

Sarah Peiper 33

Louisa Summons 31

Alice Jackman 19


1"File (merged): J:\Terry\Family Tree\GibsonFeb14Stephanie.GED".