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Family of Ernest Albert TIERNEY and Mary Ann Ellen BLACKBURN

Husband: Ernest Albert TIERNEY (1872-1957)
Wife: Mary Ann Ellen BLACKBURN (1873-1942)
Children: Ernest George TIERNEY (1911- )
Reginald Percival TIERNEY (1913-1992)
Marriage 29 Aug 1909 St Helen, Kensington, London
Both of 326 Latimer Road - he a ticket inspector
Louisa Holgate - one of the witnesses

Husband: Ernest Albert TIERNEY


Ernest Albert TIERNEY

Name: Ernest Albert TIERNEY
Sex: Male
Father: John George TIERNEY (1839- )
Mother: Eliza WHETTER (1845-1925)
Birth 10 Dec 1872 Holloway, Islington, London
Death 24 Nov 1957 (age 84) St Leonards,Sussex

Wife: Mary Ann Ellen BLACKBURN


Mary Ann Ellen BLACKBURN

Name: Mary Ann Ellen BLACKBURN
Sex: Female
Father: Charles BLACKBURN (1839-1906)
Mother: Martha BOULTON (1840-1913)
Birth 1873 Soho/Westminster
witnessed by Jesse Blackburn and Jesse Simpson

he of 19, Wakefield Street
Death 12 Aug 1942 (age 68-69) Kilburn,London1
Died as a result of a wooden screen falling on her in the Railway pub

Child 1: Ernest George TIERNEY


Ernest George TIERNEY, 1929, age 17


Spouse: Gwen COULMAN

Name: Ernest George TIERNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gwen COULMAN (1916- )
Birth 19 Jan 1911

Child 2: Reginald Percival TIERNEY


Reginald Percival TIERNEY, 1959, age 46


Spouse: Catherine NEARY, 1973, age 67

Name: Reginald Percival TIERNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catherine NEARY (1906-1973)
Birth 10 Mar 1913 Kilburn,London
Death 18 May 1992 (age 79) Norwich, Norfolk

Note on Wife: Mary Ann Ellen BLACKBURN

Mrs. Mary Ann Ellen Tierney, aged 68, of 26, Dyne Road, Kilburn,went with her married daughter to Edgware on July 5th. On her way to theladies` cloakroom at the Railway Hotel, Station Road, a screen fell onher, and caused a wound in the head. Three stitches were needed. Mrs.Tierney was taken home and her doctor was called. For many years she hadbeen subject to chest trouble. Bronchitis developed, affected the heart,and she died on August 12th.


Mr.H.Broadbridge (coroner) held an inquest on Saturday in theKilburn coroners court.

The husband said that his wife`s health was fairly good - she walkedwell and was quite steady on her feet. She was quite well when he saw herhalf-an-hour before she left home on July 5th.

Mrs.Simpson, a daughter, said that on entering the saloon bar of theRailway Hotel, Edgware, she ordered a drink for her mother, who went tothe ladies` cloak room. As she had not returned in six minutes witnesswent to look for her, and saw a man leading her to the saloon. She wasbleeding from the head and face. A doctor was sent for and he insertedthree stitches in a wound. Her mother told her that a door had fallen onher. She was taken home by car.



Dagmar Robinson, employed at the hotel, said she say thatMrs.Tierney lying on the floor of the passage leading to the cloak room.She told witness that a door had fallen on her. A three fold screen whichcould easily be moved, was lying on the ground near her.

Mr.Joseph Ashwod, proprietor said there was sufficient light in thepassage. The screen which fell was a heavy one and was used in the diningroom. It was like a door and could be moved easily.



Dr.Isobel Finlayson, 13 Shoot Up Hill, Brondesbury, said that shehad attended Mrs.Tierney on and off for many years, but not since 1937.She was called on July 5th, and the next day examined the wound which wasthree-quarters of an inch long. Witness removed the three stitches onJuly 13th. The wound, which was clean, had satisfactorily healed, andthere was no septic trouble. Bronchitis developed - her patient had ahistory of chest trouble - and on July 30th the breathing became bad.Later oxygen was administered and Mrs.Tierney died suddenly while witnesswas present.

Dr.Skene Keith, pathologist, attributed death to myocardialdegeneration, due to disease of the lungs, accelerated by hemorrhage andshock caused by the blow on the head.

A verdict of "Accidental Death" was recorded.

Mrs.Tierney was an old and valued member of Court 9169 of theAncient Order of Foresters, and took an active interest in its work.



Amidst every mark of neighbourly sympathy, the funeral took place onMonday, internment being made in the family grave in Willesden Cemetery.The Chaplain officiated in the presence of a large number of relativesand friends, who included many fellow Forresters.

The mourners were: Mr.Tierney(husband), Messrs.Robert, Charlie,Ernest and Percy Tierney(sons), Mrs.Simpson and Mrs Crampton(daughters),and other relatives.

Amongst those who sent wreaths were: Mr.Tierney(husband);Mrs.Simpson(daughter); Gordon Simpson(grandson, who is a prisoner of warin Germany); Kit, Percy & baby; Charlie, Hilda & boys; Bob, Dinah &daughters; Ernie; Mr. & Mrs.Wm.Crampton (son-in-law & daughter); SisterJessie & family; Auntie Lou; Beatrice; Harry & Doug; Rose; Sister Martha& Gwen; Staff at Llewellyn`s (Kilburn High Road); Mrs.Royer; Mrs.Cotton &daughter; Mrs.Crampton; Daisy, Sonny & Carmen; Mr. & Mrs. Seager; Daisy &Joe Cox; Gwen; Mrs.Coulman & boys; Auntie Hilda & Uncle George; Mr. &Mrs. Ashworth; Auntie Dora & Uncle Tom; Mrs.Rouden & Mrs.Burroughs; JoeTodd; Mrs.Cowell; Mabbs & Milly; Cousie, Billy & children; Mr. &Mrs.Blackshields & daughter; Mr. & Mrs.Marquart; Chick & Florrie; CarrieParkin; Jack & Win; Harriet & Jack; Ann,Reg & Jean Baldwin; Mrs.Coulman(Bunty); Mrs.Dumeinil; Messrs. Barter & Sons & staff; Mr. & Mrs.Harper;Eva Weksler & Lily Lewis; Freda; Mr. & Mrs.Baker; Mum; John & Margaret;Mrs.Page; Doris & Miss.Raymond; Rose & family(Spalding); Mr. & Mrs.Walton& Joan.

Messrs. Nodes & Co., 8 Willesden Lane, carried out thearrangements.


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