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Former Cadets of Christ’s College Finchley

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The CRA has held a number of Special General Meetings. The first two focus on a question which vexed the Association greatly in the early days - whether the CRA should be a section of the Old Finchleians Club or a completely separate organisation. Whilst today it is difficult to imagine an existence for the CRA outside the OF umbrella, in the early 60's this was clearly the case and strong feelings were expressed both for and against the proposal.

The Association has a number of further documents and letters in respect of this situation representing an important part of the history of the CRA. It is not considered appropriate to publish these documents online but should any member wish to view them they should contact the Hon Secretary.

SGM 22 December 1958 SGM 2 June 1961 SGM 27 October 1961 SGM  7 November 1969

CRA Special General Meetings