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Former Cadets of Christ’s College Finchley

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Welcome to the new CRA Website

This CRA website has all the content of the previous CRA website (and more!) presented in a manner that we hope you will find fresh - and more importantly easier to navigate. The CRA Dinner pages contain all the reports and images of dinners back to 2003 and the documents pages will allow you to view and download minutes from AGMs and SGMs as well as membership documents including the most up to date version of  the rules of the CRA

We have also added pages of images and reports from CRA and Cadet unit public events which may be of interest to members.

The CRA Blog is can now be found on the “News” page of this website  but if you want to view the old blog, it can now be found at http://centarian.blogspot.co.uk/

In due course, we will add a “Webshop” allowing you to purchase CRA Ties, Plaques, Commemorative covers and even pay your membership subscription

Mail: webmaster@c-r-a.org.uk?subject=Contact From the CRA Website