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Former Cadets of Christ’s College Finchley

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CRA Dinner 2013

The 7th June 2013 saw 38 Centarians and their ladies & guests dining at Southover. A significant improvement on last year (for the dedicated mathematicians this is 5 higher than the “modern average” of 33)

This attendance level entirely vindicates the decision to invite the ladies and feedback suggests that they enjoyed the event.

The other change to the format was the provision of a single speaker, the outgoing HeadTeacher Gary Tucker who gave his usual update on school activity. To finish the formal proceedings our President, Brian Fuller presented Gary with a decanter from the CRA to mark his retirement and thank him for his support during his years of service at the school

Halls Catering once again provided our first class meal served with their usual effortless and understated efficiency.

Thanks as always to Mike Crick for his assistance with menu cards, Geoff Owen for the drinks arrangements and to Geoff at Halls for the catering.