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Former Cadets of Christ’s College Finchley

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The number of members paying by Paypal increased slightly this year and I hope that this is a growing trend which may help to encourage younger diners who do not have access to such old fashioned gadgets as chequebooks – in the future the cheque will be obsolete anyway.

Thanks as always to Mike Crick for his assistance with menu cards, Geoff Owen for the drinks arrangements and to Geoff at Halls for the catering.

33 Centarians and their guests sat down to dine on the 3rd June 2011 at Southover. This was slightly below average for the last few years. After last year’s success, we stuck with Halls Catering who combined an excellent meal with discreet, efficient and prompt service.  Diners will appreciate this as the “new norm” and will be happy that we have said goodbye to the leisurely chaos of the “Pierre Years” (despite his outstanding food).

Our speakers this year were Ian Goodwin, Gary Tucker and a face from the past, Ted Dewar – although some members were heard to question the effect of passing years on the accuracy of some of Ted’s memories.

CRA Dinner 2011