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CRA Dinner 2009

2009’s CRA dinner brought 38 Centarians and their guests to the table on the 29th May at Southover, a distinct improvement after the low turnout in 2008. Following the losses incurred in previous years, the committee decided to fall into line with the OF Club dinner and not include wine in the price. As well as allowing a reduction in price to £25 it proved a

popular move for members who choose not to drink alcohol. As a result, the event provided a perfect “break even” for the association’s coffers.

The meal served up by Pierre was up to it’s usual high standard but unfortunately his delivery had slowed to a crawl and as a result the committee decided that this was to be the last dinner for Pierre cuisine.

All our speakers were within the CRA “family” this year as the OF President was our very own Chairman Mick Crick. Gary Tucker provided members with an update on activity at the school and Tom Harrison, the world champion bog snorkelling pensioner proposed the toast to the contingent.

Thanks as always to Mike Crick for his assistance with menu cards, Geoff Owen for the drinks arrangements and to Pierre for the catering.